When nature takes on itself, there are dramatic changes, the earth, minerals and carbon are forces in nature that change with intense heat, pressure and climate. This work is one influenced by those forces in front of me at my studio, the smoke and fire a symbol of earth’s power and ability to create change and transform. The eco dyed scarf it’s mirror; reflecting the smoke and carbon metaphorically.  But this too has been changed by nature, earth, minerals and chemicals found in the eucalyptus leaves, heat from a flame and the pot to transform into a new dimension of understanding.

fire cloth

Strata and Fibre


When my work is put back into the environment there is a distinctive integration which blurs the boundaries between process and nature. Explore the image created by photographer Imants Krumins and see how seamlessly those boundaries are blurred.  My work takes from nature to extract colour, texture is created by knitting, weaving and crochet.  The work is placed in environments near my studio in Tasmania and they become one again.


worn01Whether it be a scarf or a knitted garment, it is the layers of cloth, thread and design that makes each work unique. Attention to detail, be it the hand twisting of the ends or the added edges the work grows out of the initial design process of laying down leaves and barks. Carefully wrapped or folded, sometimes even stitched  using the shibori method to encase the leaves to form more organised patterns.